About Us

EPRATİ PLASTİK; In 2000, it started its activities as a small workshop in Kale Business Center in Istanbul Güngören. Continuing its steady growth with the distance it has gained in a short time and the reputation it has gained in the sector, it has reached a daily production capacity of 10000 kg with different raw material options in its detached factory with a closed area of 2600 m2. It also produces for about 10 workshops EPRATİ.
EPRATİ PLASTİK has always been a preferred company with its solution suggestions and qualified personnel potential.

To continue to contribute to the economy and employment of the country by increasing our current production and exports by closely following the developing technology in the globalizing world; To represent our country in national and international platforms and markets through the sectoral non-governmental organizations that we are a member and manager of.

As a company that is honest, respectful to ethical values and aiming at halal earnings, to continue our activities and contribute to the spread of trade with these principles in our country and in the world.


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