Merchandising Packaging

Hand-made bags are used in many different sectors that appeal to the end consumer, from the pharmacy to the stationery, primarily the textile industry.
a) Reinforced Handing
b) Unreinforced Handles

According to the conditions of the industry in which it serves handbags, reinforcement cards are applied in order to provide strength to handbags. Thanks to the reinforcement card, the bags are more robust and efficient.

Soft handle pouch with a stylish appearance appeals to many different sectors with its design. Soft-handled sachets, which can be blown from the bottom and sides during production, are preferred especially by restaurants and patisseries where the use of boxes and packages is intensive. Soft handle sachets have an important place in the retail textile industry with their aesthetic appearance and creative design options.

These are bags that offer practical use with the check break feature, which is also used in product stores in the grocery stores and refrigerators of the markets.

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