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Eprati Plastic with 19 years experience has become by offering altenative solutions to the sector.

Bakery Products Bags Produced with different raw materials for varios areas of food sector in accordings with the decree G34-7882 of the Ministry of Agriculturel and Forestry for food contact material.

Custome Box Liner Plastic Bags Bags produced for use inside carton boxes and plastic cases to protect the transported goods from external hazards.

Hamburger and Sandwich Packages Bags produced for fast-food sector providing hygiene and healthy conditions for consumers.

Pulse bag Bags with wariety from 100 grams to 5 kilograms options produced especially for  pulses.

Meat Carry A bag resistant to  bone ruptures produced  various size options for use in meat transport.

Stronger and Durable Bag A stronger and durable bag especially developed to carry heavier goods like watermelon..

Ice Bag A bag used in the transportation of ice and ice molds in various forms to be used in several industrial areas.

Ice Cream Bag Durable bag for ice cream manufacturing industry. A bag used in the transportation of ice an ice molds.

Athlete bag

T-shirt Bags provide vider volume with gussets which are widely used at markets and bakeries. T-shirt bags can be supplied in various sizes, thicknesses and printing options.

Die Cut Reinforced Handle Bag Die cut reinforced handle bags produced with additional reinforced with handle-held section providing extra strength to bags.

Soft Loop Handle Bags with button and side gussets ara highly preffered in restaurants and pastry shops where bugs and packages are densely use.

T-shirt Bag on Roll with pull-n-tear feature supplied on rolls providing practical use at grocery sections.

Pharmacy Bags specially produced for pharmacies with various options of sizes and prints.

heavy and light duty service bags produced  for different uses, from different types of raw materials  and for use in commercial enterprises on the most important part of the country’s economy, the industrial sector.

Carry-on Bags Produced to carry rubble, sawdust, granuls, paper etc. in sectors like constraction wood, plastic, packaging, textile where strength is a priority in carrying wastes and/or materials.

Carpet Covers Produced to protect carpet rolls from external effects during seasonal storage. Provided in requestet size, rolls with or without perforations.

Bijouterie Bags Produced to pack bijouterie items like sunglasses, hairpins, fashion jewellery with options of self closing, self locking, etc. with several raw materials.

Bags for Pipes Produced to protect metal or plastic pipes from external effect in various length and witdh.

Shrink Film Produced to protect goods from shocks and spillover during transport and storage.

Promational Bags Produced to distribute leaflets and catalogs providing access to companies to reach their target segment.

Tire Bags Used for protecting tires from external factors such as humidity, dust and atmospheric conditions during storage after seasonal changes.

Water Dispenser Bottle Bags Produced to protect water dispenser bottle bags from external effects like dust etc.

Medical Waste Bags High-strength bags produced in red color to attact attention for the protection of medical wastes.

One of the most important locomotives of the country’s economy is the protective and transportable bags designed to be used in many areas of the textile industry.

Transparent Garment Bags Produced to protect garments during transport and storage. Generally used in garment industry, dry cleaning and household use. Provided with shoulder cut,hanger hall with or without perforations.

Bopp, Opp, Cpp, Jelatin

It is produced as banded and without band for the delivery and store presentation of textile products like underwear, socks, shirts etc.

Carrying Bag They are high-strength and wide-size bags used for the transport of textile products to different departments or stores.

Laundry Bag The products of the laundry that appeal to the hotels, dormitories, hospitals, etc. are bags with high strength and wide dimensions that they prefer for collective shipment. For the airing of the products shipped, air bag option is offered in this bag type.

In every area of life, it is the bag which is produced as industrial and domestic type for the cleaning which is the basis of life.

Garbage bag

These bags are produced in various sizes and widths in order to keep and transport all kinds of human and human horses in a hygienic way.

Wrinkled Garbage Bag

It is a bag that is closed in a practical way by the bundle rope in itself.

Roll garbage bag

It is the kind of bag that provides practical use with pull and break (perfore) feature and ease of stocking as roll packaging.

Industrial Garbage Bag

 It is a kind of high-strength bags produced for use in many public life and business areas such as schools, dormitories, hospitals, factories.

Medical Waste Bag

It is a kind of high-strength bag which is produced in red color for the protection of medical waste.

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