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Permission with G34-7882 from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural
Affairs are types of packaging that address different areas of the food
industry with different raw material contents in accordance with the
communiqué of products in contact with food.

bakery products  Strength, transparency and high dust holding ability
with opp, bopp, cpp products are produced bread, toast bread and sandwich
bread with tape and tapeless options.

safe and post packet bag Bags are produced in different sizes to protect bread and food products from external factors at during shipment.

Hamburger and Sandwich Packages 

bags are  produced  for immediate use of the consumer in the ready-to-eat food sector, for show the necessary health and hygiene sensitivity.

Pulse bag

it is a kind of bag produced especially for the dry food sector with various weight options from 100 grams to 5 kg.

Meat Carrying Bag

It is a kind of tight bag which is resistant to bone ruptures and produced with different size options for use in meat transport.

Watermelon Carrying Bag

It is a kind of bag specially produced for watermelon, which is needed seasonally and strength is strengthened according to the weight to be transported.

Ice Bag

It is a kind of bag used in the transportation of ice and ice molds in various forms used in various industrial branches.

Ice cream bag

In the ice cream manufacturing industry, it is the kind of bag that provides freeze production and mold.

Athlete bag

The athlete bag, which holds an important place in the retail sector, is mainly used in markets and bakeries.The athlete bags offer a wide interior space thanks to the bellows.In addition, the athlete bag is preferred because it is suitable for hand ergonomics.As Eprati Plastic we offer a wide range of color options, sizes and thicknesses in the production of athlete bags in accordance with the demands of our customers.

Hand-held bag

Hand-held bags are used in many different sectors, from the textile sector to the final consumer, from the pharmacy to the stationery.

– Reinforced Hand-held: Reinforced card applications are being implemented in order to provide strength to the hand-over area according to the industry conditions that the hand-held bags serve. Thanks to the reinforcing card, the hand-held bags gain more robust and efficient handling properties.

– Hand-held without reinforcement

Soft Handle Bag

Soft-handle bags with stylish look appeals to many different sectors with its design. Soft-handle bags that can be supplied with bellows from the side and dipen during production are preferred by restaurants and cakes especially where boxes and packages are used intensely. The soft-handle bags holds an important place in the retail textile sector with its aesthetic appearance and creative design options.

Roll Athlete Bag

They are bags that offer practical use with the pull and break feature that is used in grocery stores and refrigerator stores.

Pharmacy Bag

They are specially produced bags for pharmacy with various size and printing options.

heavy and light duty service bags produced  for different uses, from different types of raw materials  and for use in commercial enterprises on the most important part of the country’s economy, the industrial sector.

Carrying bag

It is a kind of packaging which is used in transporting of rubble chips, granules to paper in sectors such as construction, wood, plastic, packaging, textile etc.

Carpet Washing Bag

It is the kind of bag that protects the carpet from external factors in the delivery of the washed carpets.   Made from 100% original HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) raw materials. The Eprati Carpet Bag produced in double layer 3 microns (technical term 30 micron) is ahead of its competitors with the amount of kilograms produced in kilograms and the strength it possesses at the same time. The Eprati Carpet Bag is produced in rolls, cut bags, air holes and perforations in desired sizes.

Bijouterie Bags 

It is a kind of bag produced with different raw material types, banded, tapeless, locked options for the packaging  of jewelery products like Sun glasses, buckles etc.

Tube bag

It is a kind of bag produced in desired length and width in order to protect the tube types produced as plastic or metal from external factors

Shrink Package

it is the type of packaging used for wrapping predominantly packaged products in order to prevent collapse and collapse at the during the move

Advertisement and Presentation Bag

It is the type of bag used in brochures and catalog distributions in order to reach the target mass of companies individually.

Tire bag

It is the kind of bag used for protecting the tires from external factors while being manufactured in the factories and then being shipped to the stewards and the summer and winter tires being kept at the end of the season.

Tube and water cooler bottle bag

It is the type of bag used to keep the tubes and water cooler bottles, which are stored in the warehouses and vehicles under different conditions, with the dust and dirt that they have when they enter our houses.

Medical Waste Bag

It is a kind of high-strength bag which is produced in red color for the protection of medical waste.

One of the most important locomotives of the country’s economy is the protective and transportable bags designed to be used in many areas of the textile industry.

Dress Bag

It is the type of bag used in the textile sector to protect clothes from external factors at during shipment. Especially in the upper garment and dry cleaning sectors, the preferred garment bag is presented with pegs with shoulder and flat perforations.

Bopp, Opp, Cpp, Jelatin

It is produced as banded and without band for the delivery and store presentation of textile products like underwear, socks, shirts etc.

Carrying bag

They are high-strength and wide-size bags used for the transport of textile products to different departments or stores.

Laundry Bag

The products of the laundry that appeal to the hotels, dormitories, hospitals, etc. are bags with high strength and wide dimensions that they prefer for collective shipment. For the airing of the products shipped, air bag option is offered in this bag type.

In every area of life, it is the bag which is produced as industrial and domestic type for the cleaning which is the basis of life.

Garbage bag

These bags are produced in various sizes and widths in order to keep and transport all kinds of human and human horses in a hygienic way.

Wrinkled Garbage Bag

It is a bag that is closed in a practical way by the bundle rope in itself.

Roll garbage bag

It is the kind of bag that provides practical use with pull and break (perfore) feature and ease of stocking as roll packaging.

Industrial Garbage Bag

 It is a kind of high-strength bags produced for use in many public life and business areas such as schools, dormitories, hospitals, factories.

Medical Waste Bag

It is a kind of high-strength bag which is produced in red color for the protection of medical waste.

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